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Original 1951 CoverThis account of Holme next the Sea was written in 1951 by the Headmaster and senior  students of the Village School, and is reproduced here from a copy kindly loaned by a former student still resident in the Village.   Some  typing errors from the original have been corrected, but the text remains as written in 1951.  All photographs were taken in the year 2000, and the layout of the illustrations has been changed for better presentation on the web.  The illustration, left, is the original 1951 cover. I am indebted to Mr. J.E.Kett and the former students of the school for their kind permission to publish this account, and for their assistance in proof-reading .

Edited by Michael Ryder.


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Foreword by the Headmaster.

Those who hope to find this work devoted entirely to the past history of our village will be disappointed. It is not intended to be a book of the past, but a book for the future.

In addition to collecting a number of facts about Holme in the past, we have tried to present a picture in words of our village as it is today. This is something we have failed to find in any of the countless books in which we have searched for information. Our account of Holme in 1851, for instance, resembles a jigsaw puzzle in which we have discovered, after fitting together all the pieces available, that many important parts are missing. In 2051, no doubt, the people of Holme will have many, and new ways of obtaining a picture of life in England in our present Festival Year.    But will they know what was happening in this village in 1951? If one of these little books is in existence in a hundred years' time, to interest, and probably amuse, our descendents, we believe that our work will have been worthwhile. We are deeply indebted to the many friends who have helped us by lending books, maps, etc. and telling us tales of Holme in the past. We would like particularly to thank the Rev. G.H.Holley, of Halesworth, for providing us with information, which we could not have obtained from any other source.  

Contributors in 1951 were:-

Peggy Jewell

Beryl Neeve

Colin Smith

Carolyn Palmer

Brenda Flatt

Mervyn Proudfoot

Eileen Batterbee

Keith Walker

Colin Matthews

Yvonne Plume

John Potter

Robin Melton

Trevor Arnold  

J.E. Kett  (Headmaster)

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