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This is The Story of Lucy Emms, who was a School Mistress in Holme in 1901.  She is vaguely remembered as living a house opposite to the Village Hall.  The Research into her background has been provided entirely by Victoria Rowe, and the story can be read using the following hyperlink: What Happened to Lucy.

No photograph of Lucy Emms is known to exist, but if anyone has old photos of the Holme School taken in 1901 with the names identified, that information would be very much appreciated.   Please email The Webmaster.


Holme Village School Circa 1901

Holme Village School circa 1901

Let the cursor rest on a face and if known a name will appear.

This photo can perhaps be dated around 1901 from the first boy from left in the middle row, the eldest brother of Mr Kenneth Burton. Kenny was born in 1912 the ninth of eleven children.  Mr Kenny Burton is the sole survivor, and remembers hearing of Miss Emms from his siblings.  He says she lived in the house opposite the Village Hall. The schoolteacher on the right is believed to be Miss Crowe, but the schoolteacher on the left cannot be identified.